Ultimate Stage Data

General Information

Which tournaments are included in this data?
All of the data for this site was obtained by querying start.gg's API, processing it, and storing it in a separate database.

For obvious reasons, data can only be used from tournament sets that report both character and stage data in at least one game. Due to API rate limits, the server has to use a heuristic to assess whether it should try to process a given event.

Therefore, if the grand finals* set of an event has stage and character data, all games from the rest of the tournament are processed and recorded if they contain stage data. Otherwise, it is assumed no sets in the tournament have stage data and none are processed.

All tournaments since the launch of Ultimate have been processed at this time.

* Some event formats (like round robin) are processed even though they don't contain a grand finals set. To be precise, ultimatestagedata.com processes an event if and only if the first set of the event, when ordered by start.gg's MAGIC sort, contains stage and character data. This corresponds to grand finals in most cases.
How often is the data updated?
Match data from tournaments held in the past week are processed each Friday afternoon (in Pacific time). There shouldn't be any downtime while the dataset is being updated.
Why do the game counts across all stages add up to slightly less than the total game counts sometimes?
There are a few games in the dataset played on experimental stages from early Ultimate tournaments, like Skyloft or Mario Circuit. These games are recorded and contribute to overall game counts, but are not displayed on a card on character or matchup pages. These statistics are negligible compared to the displayed stages.
Who made this website?
I'm Corncycle, an Ultimate player from Washington. I'm not very active on large social media sites anymore, but if you'd like to follow me, I have a Twitter account which I very rarely use, and a cohost account, which I also almost never use.

I am not associated with Nintendo or the Super Smash Bros series. This page is not monetized.
Other stage data analyses
For a deep analysis of the stage statistics of pre-8.0.0 Smash Ultimate, check out this smashboards post!

After finishing this project, I also learned about ultimategamedata.com, a website which has similar data to Ultimate Stage Data. This site gives a more quantitative, tabular layout, but the dataset has not been updated since Kazuya's release in 2021.

Technical Information

How was this site made?
This site is hosted on fly.io with an Express server which uses a combination of Pug, React, and Tailwind for the front-end.

The back-end uses a MongoDB database with data gathered from start.gg's GraphQL API.

The source code for the entire project is hosted on my Github.
Assets used
This page would not be possible without start.gg's immense dataset accessible through their API.

Some stage images were taken from rubendal's Smash Ultimate Data Viewer. Other high-quality images were taken from this album posted by reddit user TV_Toshi.

The animated accordions on this page are thanks to this post by Louis Hoebregts.

Fighter thumbnails were scraped from smashbros.com, and fighter icons were taken from spriters-resource.com.
Feedback, questions, or suggestions? Email me at ultimatestagedata@gmail.com